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Lesson Plan 1: Failure Happens

Lesson Plan 1: Failure Happens

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Failing at things is a universal experience in life, and yet we often feel devastated when it happens to us. In this episode, we look at how our failures affect our self-worth and reframe how we can think about them more positively.

Grade level: 9-12

Prep time: 10 min

Lesson duration: 55 min

Learning outcomes:

It is expected that students will:

  • Note that there are different types of failures and understand how they each affect us.
  • Acknowledge that making mistakes and having setbacks is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Practice resilience by trying things without fear of failure holding them back.

Lesson includes:

  • 10 minute workshop video 
  • “The Hidden Benefits of Failure” worksheet (Printable)
  • Warm-up, Core Lesson, and Reinforcement Activities
  • Reflection and discussion questions such as:
    • Would a world without failure be something positive or negative? Why?
    • Why do you think people often make the jump from “I failed” to “I am a failure”? Why is this an unhelpful and, even, destructive way of thinking?

Materials required (not included):

  • Screen & speakers for viewing video

NB: Purchase includes access to streamable video and downloadable resources for 6 months.

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