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Lesson Plan 2: Zones of Emotional Regulation

Lesson Plan 2: Zones of Emotional Regulation

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Emotional regulation is defined as our ability to manage and respond to our emotional experiences. In this lesson students will learn about four zones of emotional regulation to help them effectively navigate their own emotions. 

Grade level: 6 - 8

Prep time: 10 min

Lesson Duration: 60 min + Optional Extension Activity (20 min)

Learning Outcomes:

It is expected that students will:

  • Recognize that there are different zones of emotional regulation.
  • Identify the zones of emotional regulation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to give examples of each zone of regulation.

Lesson includes:

  • Activate, Acquire, and Apply Activities 
  •  Zones of Regulation Worksheet (Printable)

Materials required (not included)

  • Lined Paper (or Computers)
  • For Extension Activity (optional): Blue, green, yellow and red paper (cut up into smaller squares: each student gets one of each colour)

NB: Purchase includes access to downloadable resources for 6 months.

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