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Lesson Plan 3: Sharing is Caring

Lesson Plan 3: Sharing is Caring

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Sharing with others is an important part of building relationships. In this lesson students will learn the benefits of sharing with others, be challenged to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and practice recognizing other people’s needs. 

Grade level: 3 - 5

Prep time: 10 min

Lesson Duration: 60 min

Learning Outcomes:

It is expected that students will:

  •  Recognize the impact that sharing can have on the person they share with.
  • Identify ways that they can share the good things that they have with others.
  • Demonstrate the value of wanting good things for other people and not just themselves

Lesson includes:

  • Activate, Acquire, and Apply Activities 
  • Sample Journal Entry Sheet (Printable)

Reading Comprehension Questions include:

  • Why does Jeremy want a new pair of shoes?
  • Have you ever shared something with someone even though it was hard for you?

Materials required (not included):

  • Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts
  • Paper and pens

NB: Purchase includes access to downloadable resources for 6 months.

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