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Me & My Community - Lesson Plan Bundle (4 Lesson Plans)

Me & My Community - Lesson Plan Bundle (4 Lesson Plans)

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Our communities impact who we become. In this unit students will learn what it means to live in community by additionally learning how to appreciate others, value diversity, solve problems, and love their family. 

Grades level: 3-5

Lesson Plan Durations: 40-60 mins each


  • Lesson Plan 1: Appreciating Others
  • Lesson Plan 2: Exploring Diversity
  • Lesson Plan 3: Solving Problems
  • Lesson Plan 4: Family Relationships

Learning outcomes:

It is expected that students will: 

  • Recognize that their actions affect the people around them.
  • Identify the things the people in their lives do to make their life better.
  • Demonstrate the value of showing appreciation to the people in their lives.
  • Recognize that life should be respected despite diversity
  • Identify what diversity means and how we can celebrate it
  • Demonstrate an understanding of our responsibility to respect and protect people’s differences
  • Recognize that solving problems can be hard and complicated.
  • Define what the problem is in a variety of situations and identify the causes of problems in order to find appropriate solutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to determine an appropriate solution for a variety of problems.
  • Recognize that not all families look the same.
  • Identify the differences between people we call family and people we call friends.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of having people in our lives that we call family.

Bundle includes: 

  • All Me & My Community lesson plans and accompanying printable material

Required Materials (Not Included):

Appreciating Others

  • Pens and paper
  • Cards for Thank You Notes

Exploring Diversity

  • Ball of yarn (Optional)

Solving Problems

  • Pen and paper

Family Relationships

  • Paper and pens

NB: Purchase includes access to downloadable resources for 6 months.

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