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Lesson Plan 1: Powerful Words

Lesson Plan 1: Powerful Words

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The words we think, say, type, or text can have a huge impact on how people feel about themselves. In this lesson, students will explore the impact their words can have on themselves and the people around them. They will explore ways to share words of encouragement instead of negativity

Grade level: 9 - 12

Prep time: 20 min

Lesson Duration: 65 min + Optional Extension Activity (20 min)

Learning Outcomes:

It is expected that students will:

  • Recognize how powerful the words they say are.
  • Identify and explore ways to speak words of encouragement and love instead of negativity and hurtful teasing.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to make people feel more confident in who they are instead of insecure

Lesson includes:

  • Activate, Acquire, and Apply Activities 
  • Asking 50 People From Diverse Backgrounds What They Would Change About Themselves (video link) 
  • What Happens When Strangers Get Real About Body Image (video link)
  • Body Image & Self Acceptance (video link)

Materials required (not included)

  • Screen and speakers for viewing videos
  • Pencil Crayons
  • Colouring Books/Colour by Numbers Sheets

NB: Purchase includes access to downloadable resources for 6 months.

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